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The EILAPI let you get data out of the Events in Luxembourg database. It's a HTTP-based API that apps and websites can use to programmatically query data.


  • The feeds are downloadable as JSON.
  • The Event and Venues feeds are downloadable as light or full version
    • Light: includes the IDs to the other Content types but not their information
    • Full: includes the IDs to the other Content types and their information
  • To access the feed you need to include an API key accessible in your MyEvents account on the PRO page.

How to call the EILAPI?

To get the data from the API the following URL has to be called using a HTTP library, such as cURL and urllib, or directly in your browser.

This is the schema which has to be used:[full OR light]/1.1/[CONTENT TYPE]?_format=json&api-key=[API key]

To filter the list of events and venues you can add paramters to the URL above:
&[parameter 1 name]=[value]&[parameter 2 name]=[value]...

Content types

Name Description Variable
Event an upcoming Event of one or several days, repeating or continuing. events
Venue the location for an Event. venues
Postcode the Town of a Venue. towns
Commune commune for venues in luxembourg communes
Category the Category of an Event categories
Audience the Audience of an Event audiences